Celebrating The World Ocean Day.

World ocean day

We all love going to the beach and enjoy watching the waves crash against the sand. On World Ocean Day people come together around the planet to celebrate our oceans.

This Day helps remind everyone of the role that oceans play in our everyday life. Not only do they provide most of the oxygen we breathe but they also help regulate the temperature of the earth and are the home of hundreds of animals and creatures. 

1) Beach cleanup: Everytime you go to the beach, take a little container or bag to fill with trash you see. A little goes a long way! 

2) Use ocean waste to create art:
Gather different pieces and make some art to create consciousness about our oceans. Turtles will be grateful

3) Hold a community meeting to create a save our ocean program, or take part in one. You can donate to different charities, create a recycling program, organize beach cleanups, etc.

4) Get visual! Create consciousness watching and sharing documentaries, infographics and images in order to further understand what is really happening in the world and oceans. (Our current favorite is Seaspiracy). Share with others!

5) Respect seasonal fishing:
 Avoid consuming fish, seafood and byproducts that do not follow the natural flow of life. Many species of fish are disappearing because of overfishing and fishing off season.

These are a few of hundreds of ways that you can help protect and take care of our oceans.

Let us know in the comments how you’ll be celebrating this Ocean Day and what you do in your everyday life to care for the oceans. 

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