There´s a lot of pressure on social media to be more sustainable on this Earth Day . It seems that we have to completely abandon our life style and our daily routine to achieve a more sustainable life. But sustainability is not about that, rather, it is about living in harmony with our environment using the resources we have efficiently. Sustainability is meeting our needs without compromising those of the next generations or the environment. At CECO we believe that to achieve this you can make small changes in your day-to-day life that can have a great impact and that can help you live more sustainably without sacrificing your lifestyle.

We share some of our top 10 tips to achieve this lifestyle with you:
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  • Use a reusable thermos instead of plastic bottles
  • Take shorter baths (No more than 7 min)
  • Walk around with your friends or use your bike instead of the car
  • Disconnect your cables to save energy
  • Buy clothes that you can wear more than 10 different occasions
  • Sell or give away your clothes so they have a second life
  • Bring your own super bags
  • Separate plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and organic waste < / span>
  • Buy from local producers
  • Use ecological products for the house
  • Try to implement these tips in your day to day and you will see how it becomes easier to make sustainable decisions. By doing many small actions we can create big changes. Share in the comments some tips you have for people who want to be more sustainable!

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