5 reasons to buy Mexican brands.

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Lately "Buy local" has become a necessity rather than a trend.

With the pandemic, many businesses were affected, especially local businesses, which are the main source of jobs in Mexico. So far in 2021, the unemployment rate is at 4.4%, and the percentage of people living in extreme poverty increased from 7% to 8.5%, so we believe that in order to make a change in our society, it is necessary to change the chip . At CECO we believe that by supporting each other we can have an impact in our country, in addition to always doing the best for our environment, buying local, although it sounds like something very simple, can have a huge impact for many people. In addition to having many benefits for you too.

Did you know that local consumption has enormous social, economic and environmental benefits? Here we want to share some.

1- Product quality:

When a product is created by small producers, much more dedication is usually put into creating it, whether it is food (more organic), Clothing (better quality of materials), service (personalized since they do not have as many clients), art (made with love and passion).

2- Sustainability:

When you buy a local product you reduce the carbon footprint since it does not need as much transportation to get to you, just as small and medium-sized companies do not have a large level of production, the process to create the product has much less of an environmental footprint.

3- You generate jobs:

When you support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, you help them to generate more jobs for the people who live in that locality, you help improve their lifestyle, their health and that of their families.

4- Cyclical Economy:

The money you spend on local businesses spills over into the city itself, creating more wealth for everyone, raising the wealth of where they are.

5- Closeness:

Many times you know the owner of the premises, be it an acquaintance, friend or family member. Support people who are undertaking, it takes a lot of courage to develop their idea. These are just some of the multiple benefits of buying local, let's all support each other and start supporting the local entrepreneur and producer.

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