Whether with your partner or friends, go ahead and try some of these activities in Mexico City that will make the holidays more attractive and fun.

We are faithful believers that trying new and different things adds a different spark to life and relationships. It shouldn´t depend on a holiday but it is a very good excuse to get out of your comfort zone..

Here´s a list of different plans and activities that you can try in Mexico City to get out of the ordinary.

1. Visit a community garden, botanical gardens and parks.

If you are in CDMX, we recommend visiting the Huerto Roma Verde, you can visit only or participate in one of the activities that take part during the weekend such as temazcal, conscious markets, festivals, yoga practice, cocoa ceremonies, among others. You can see the events that will be on for this weekend at aquí.

You can also go to Chapultepec Forest, La Mexicana Park, to the Desierto de los Leones, Los Dinamos or the Ajusco to enjoy nature and relax. In each of these areas you can explore different activities such as cycling, hiking, running, eating, skating, etc.

2. Try climbing

Either in a gym such as Adamanta or out in the rocks nearby you, encourage yourself to try this beautiful sport. Adamanta has a new space in Escandon, we recommend it to the fullest. If you are further south, within the UNAM circuit (in front of the Aztec stadium) you are at a place with cool volcanic stones to climb outdoors, it is a good place to practice.

If you want to go a little further and try something more extreme, we recommend you take the initiative to go to Las manzanas (Jilotzingo), Chichido (Peña de Bernal), Jilo (Jilotepec) or Los Dinamos.

3. Learn something new

The city has countless fun and experimental workshops for everyone. Go, for example, to a ceramic workshop to play with your hands and let go some of the stress in a beautiful space called Contorno. You can test your skateboarding skills on the Skateopia, or jtest your jumping skills at Jump-In.

If you are in Valle de Bravo you can look for workshops at El Comunero, a new urban space that will surprise you. Get to know the new SKATE space that offers you in Alahua,as well as Water Ski and Wakeboard classes in the lake with Arturo Nelson. Enjoy the bike ramps at DirtLoft. Or have a complete adventure-filled experience with our friends from Volare Xtreme.

4. Do you have all weekend to take advantage of?

Don't miss the great opportunity to travel with INTROSPECTA, and live a unique experience. Take advantage of the 10% discount that they offer for CECO clients, using the code CECOSPECTA. They have hiking routes for all kinds of interests: water, fire, earth and air. A journey from which you will take incredible things for life, disconnect from the urban and connect with the human. Check it out.

5. More extreme?

Plan a bike trip with BiciyMontaña to the Desierto de los Leones, or for the more adventurers, to one oftheir trips to Oaxaca, Peru or Whistler. You may also be interested to see other options such as BIKE TOURING RUINED MY LIFE that manage to combine their experiences with surfing.

If you are looking for a wetter experiences that require water, we offer you a great opportunity in the Rapids of Veracruz, Jalcomulco. This is a great plan, because being part of the CECO community, Picocanoa Rodavento offers you a complete package with 10% discount. This includes everything, the beautiful hotel, food, the experience of the rapids and the getting to know this beautiful place. Take advantage of it.

6. Go to the Cineteca or some play

If you feel like going to the cinema, we recommend trying something other than the commercial offer. If you're on the CDMX, you can go to the Cineteca and admire the beautiful architecture and variety of artistic and commercial films they offer, (it's cheaper than any other commercial cinema!) Another alternative may be the outdoor cinema Tonalá, located in Roma Sur.

To browse off-screen, we recommend that you take a dive to see the program of the Microteatro. You can also try La Teatrería, o a EL77.

7. Attends a Culture or Art event.

Wherever you live, there will always be events like this happening. It's just a thing of researching and jumping into the adventure to explore the various oportunities. If you live in the CDMX, we recommend this listresearching in TimeOut which offers all kinds of events going on in the city.

8. Try different experiences in gastronomy

We love tastings and new experiences around the food. In the CDMX we recommend looking for cooking classes and other activities as offered by Sobremesa; tasting events such as Shaktea; pop-up dinners like Mesa Nomadic, Candelila 16 y The Blind Dinnner Experience. Unique and exclusive events in Tetetlán, a space dedicated to art, gastronomy, culture and architecture (all this in Casa Pedregal by the architect Luis Barragán).

So you know, there are no excuses, because there is still much to do on our free time. Enjoy!.

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