We wanted a virgin place. A magical place. A special place where you can see the sunrise, sunset and preferably a hundred-year-old fisherman living in his boat with many stories to tell. 

Since real life is more like movies than fairy tales, we found a camp offrailers on a deserted beach in Cabo Pulmo, BCS. We set up the tent, our beloved portable home; we cook garlic fish over a campfire and sleep under a sky of stars. The next day we realized that there at two in the afternoon it doesn't work like the rest of the beaches in the world. The sun is huge in the sky and burns the skin, but the wind is furious and makes the body very cold. You don't know if you sweat from the cold or the heat, so we grab a pair of visors and dare to go into the frozen sea in the hope that the sun won't let your bones freeze.


We see fish, corals and the different shades of the water. We warm up with the sheer movement and then the terrible thing happens, we are afraid to leave the sea and freeze to death, although that is absurd because there is so much sun. We worry when we remember the CECO waiting for us in the sand and even if we suffer the race towards it we know that when you put it on it will be the biggest heat hug and you can just sit back and enjoy the view of a mountain with cacti, the sea, waves, the sun and it will be as if you never got out of the water.


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