Changing the world one catch at a time

Cambiando el mundo una pesca a la vez

Did you know that since 1970 the shark population has decreased by approximately 70%?

Most shark species are in a critical state and one of the main causes of this decline is due to overfishing, since although sharks are not the main bait, they end up wrapped in fishing nets and are taken with everything. the rest.

At CECO we are inspired by people who make a difference to change the world, we believe that by informing about what is happening in the world we do our bit so that more people join us in caring for our oceans.

Meet Madison Stewart or better known as Shark girl, named in 2017 as “Young Conservationist of the Year”. Madison is dedicated to the rescue and protection of all species of sharks, mainly in the area of Australia which, by the way, is where the PATCHES team goes).

Madison is also Co-Founder of Project Hiu, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to turning the Indonesian fishing industry around 360 degrees. He is looking for ways to repurpose fishing boats to protect species. Shark fishing boats are re-instituted and transformed into eco-tourism attractions so that people can live more with the environment and create more awareness. One of his last projects was to trade a fishing boat with a captain dedicated to educating his family, now the boat is used to find new places for adventurous travelers. In this project, he not only eliminated a ship that went viral due to the number of sharks it took, but also changed the lives of the crew on board. He helped increase the crew's salary by 500%, giving them a better quality of life while taking one more boat out of the water.

We are excited to read about people who protect what they love, especially when it comes to planet earth, since at CECO we are lovers of the sea and everything that has to do with water and nature. If you want to donate to this cause we leave you the link.

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