CECO, Increasing awareness about the environment.

Descubre cómo el mundo está ayudando al medio ambiente

We love being in contact with nature and that is why we believe that we have to take care of it and protect it.

Did you know that since 1974 World Environment Day has been celebrated on June 5? Every year companies, people and governments come together to see how we can solve the problems that threaten our environment today, new proposals are created and projects are reviewed to see how everyone can help.

For years we have overloaded nature and destroyed important natural areas for the benefit of the human race. The saddest thing is that the detriment of the environment affects us more than we think. It affects the climate, the migratory patterns of animals, crops, biodiversity and increases the possibility of natural disasters that could claim hundreds of lives. This year marks the start of a 10-year United Nations project to restore the world's ecosystems. By having healthier ecosystems, we can help recover what we have lost and put a stop to the detriment of nature.

As citizens we have the responsibility to check that our governments and the companies from which we buy products and services have the initiative to restore the ecosystems in which we live. We invite you to think about what natural areas are near you that you could help restore? and that you investigate what does my country do to restore the environment? Knowing, researching and participating in the restoration of our environment helps us give nature a voice and do our bit to help do everything possible to save it.

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