CECO x VELETA: Navigating towards a sustainable route

CECO x VELETA: Navegando hacia una ruta sustentable

Summer is at its peak. Some days the temperature rises and the sun is at its highest, others, the clouds accompany us and the rain refreshes us; for these 2 climates that are present during our favorite season we need to protect ourselves without losing style, that's why we created the PUNTA CONEJO BUCKET HAT in collaboration with Veleta.

Veleta is a brand that is responsible for reusing unconventional materials, such as sailboat sails, parachutes, paragliders and more, creating completely new garments and accessories to give them a second "navigation".

We share the same goal and a passion for outdoor activities and environmental care. We want to continue enjoying everything that our planet has for us, protecting the environment together, reducing the impact that the textile industry generates and making our products from the practice of upcycling.

This is how the idea of collaborating with Veleta was born; each cap is unique, as they are made with materials from a paraglider that has flown 350 hours and was used for a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3. They have a double side, on one, the fabric is completely waterproof, and on the other it is our classic terry cloth, which of course could not be missing. The model is one-size-fits-all, and it comes a little oversized to give it a more chill and cozy look.

Each hat is unique, so you will have in your possession a completely exclusive design. What we do assure you is that it can come in the following colors: white, green, red and blue.

Cover yourself from the sun and the rain by giving your outfit that fresh touch, which in addition to looking very cool is 100% sustainable and friendly to our incredible Planet Earth.

#PonteCECO and if you already have yours, share a photo with us wearing it and tag us! Join the navigation!

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