This week begins the day that every consumer eagerly awaits. THE HOT SALE.

The idea of ​​Hot Sale in Mexico arose in 2011 in order to reactivate economy through consumption. Which is something good. However, it has made us act in a wrong and unconscious way. Consumerism has been defined with the kinship of believing that personal well-being and happiness depend on it. This is telling us that our "happiness" depends mainly on the level of personal consumption, particularly material goods. Is that so? We are brought up with this simple idea: shop to be happy. But what is behind all this excessive buying movement?

Every purchase we make has a consequence behind it. This is something that has to be very clear to us.

Every time we buy a new product, we contribute to the deterioration of our planet. Everything has its consequence. At the speed we're going, we'll end the world sooner than we think.

And of course, we are people who need to buy to survive. But the reality is that we need much less than we think to live well. However, brands marketing and commuincations have made us believe that we need lots of things to be able to live a good and happy life.

We have heard this many times from Patagonia, , one of the first sustainable outdoors company that started questioning customers about consumersim. Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagina, has helped us realize how important it is to stop this consumism culture. "We need to start consuming less but better products". Few brands follow this philosophy, where its´ real priority is to really make a change towards another direction, towards a conscious and transparent comunication and marketing.

So are consumers the only ones who need to have a smarter consumption?

NO: the consumer is not the only one who should change. We, as a company, know that we must respond to the responsabilty that is in our hands to change the way people consume into a concious way.

As a brand, we have made an effort to improve every detail that we have come across along the way. Maintaining transparency, consistency and congruence through every step, every goal and our philosophy.

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