The Riviera maya , white sand, lands conquered by birds and by the occasional interested in the inaccessible. The Mayans leave their secrets praised for years. A waterhole , as pure as the soul ofthis land. It is said that his energy is so strong that rejuvenates even the oldest as long as I knowgive him something in return.

 An infinite youth. What every man seeks. In this eye the most religious and mystical sacrifices were made. As an exchange, I promised them Health and one life of full youth within its iridescent waters. An eye full of legends of pirates, Mayans and magical beings.
This eye, with a turquoise blue iris and a deep pupil, dark as obsidian, connects directly to the core of the earth. He welcomes us with pure air, vital water and with open arms to fill us with a rejuvenating recharge.

Yalahau , located in the waters of Holbox is for many a cenote or a black hole, for others, a sacred eye.


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