There are clothes that you would like to keep for a lifetime, those that accompany you in the great and important moments of your life, that survived all kinds of adventures or those that simply remind you of something or someone very special. CECO is undoubtedly one of those garments for me. When I bought it I never imagined that it would accompany me to so many experiences and that it would save my day in many of them.

I share one of the best that I lived with Ceco: in this case it did not save me, but a very good friend; the youngest and coolest surfer I have ever met: Neto


“Do it with passion, or not at all" I was told when I first tried surfing. I never understood the true meaning until I had the opportunity to live very close to a surfer and discover all that this implies.

He woke up before the sun rose to start paddling, he left the sea just to eat, sleep a couple of hours, sit down to analyze and connect with the sea and then jump back into the water and paddle some more to the break point ; no matter if there were waves, big waves, tubes or even little waves that can hardly be seen. If it was cold or the sun was at it´s fullest; if he had cuts on his feet or a million wallows on him, he was all day going in and out of the water untill the sun went down and he still was one of the last to get out of the water.

He knows all the locals of the place, he has the best spot to watch the stars and he could entertain you all day with his anecdotes of when he crossed the world chasing the waves. To survive he carried everything and nothing at the same time: a small backpack, his board, very little money and what impressed me the most: he had no place to sleep. The sock for his board was his only blanket and boy was it cold at night!!

¿How could I help this boy who was giving everything to surf ... My CECO!


And that's when I discovered that CECO is not just a cool after-water garment. It is the best pajamas, pillow, the best mosquito repellent, the best sleeping, the warmest, freest, most comfortable and most perfect outfit; Well, since that day I have not carried my CECO only to the water, I take it everywhere because you never know when someone may need your CECO.

Thank you Neto for being a great inspiration for us newbies, I learned from you that very little is needed and thank you CECO for making this experience something to remember.

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