There are a million antidotes to find balance , something indispensable and one of the greatest life achievements. We are always taught to seek internal balance through different ways: Yoga, meditation, breathing, exercise, healthy eating, hydration, sleep, etc.


When we talk about body balance we have the best alternative: CECO INDOBOARD . (Also known as Balanceboard ). Surfing, for example, seeks to capture the energy of a wave with all the balance, grace and beauty of our body, mind and soul. So we need to work on that balance to get there.

The Indoboard is a wooden board with a tube underneath to be mounted on and control balance. Designed to enhance style, fluidity and grace in and out of the water. Same feeling as a surfboard, skateboard or tightrope but with a movement faithful to the experience of using it.

Where to use it?

The wonderful thing about the Indoboard is that you don't need a wave or a skatepark to feel your body balance. You can use it anywhere, practice whenever you want, we even recommend putting it near your work area with the idea that you give yourself balancing times within your long hours of sitting at the desk, in order to rest your body and clear your mind, practicing to achieve the balance of life.

There´s lots of things that help find an inner peace and harmony with the body, but to really have a healthy balance of life you need 3 simple things: Aligning what you think, what you say and what you do ... this could make a big difference.

What you think

Our busiest organ is our brain. Everything is constantly in motion, even when our bodies are at rest ... Learn to calm it, to control it, and be aware of your exact position on any aspect of life.

What you say

Words are incredibly powerful. They are our own personal representatives of our minds. Be impeccable with your words and you will see the change drastically. Otherwise you only create dishonesty and imbalance.

What you do

Every action is our choice. It is how we take what we know and what we have learned and incorporate it into our stories to create the life we ​​want. Amazing! But usually things like fear, uncertainty, and logic will stop us before we can put one foot in front of the other and take action. Be careful, act with awareness, with balance.

As We consider the ways that we can rewrite our stories to create balance, it really comes down to these three points. Let what you think, say and do be the same. That way, things will start to align and make more sense.

CECO Indoboards < / strong> seek to help you to find greater style, fluidity and balance both on land and in the water.

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