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Historias del agua - Patches

At the end of the day we are all made up largely of water. The water constantly calls us to return to it, to live it, to enjoy it, to play with it. Water is the main creator of seas, lakes, rivers and rain. Elements that have always been participants in our history, witnesses of our lives and of thousands of lives before ours.

At CECO, water is an essential part of our lives, which is why we want to celebrate it and help more people learn to love and enjoy it. There are thousands of stories to tell and share about water. From surfing to diving... each one teaches us a little more about this magical element. This year we are excited to share the stories of the Patches team that will participate in TRANSPAC, a regatta from LA to Honolulu and from there to Australia. All its crew members are lovers of water, sailing and freedom. They are people who, like water, follow a path without stopping, flowing and changing.

These 11 crew members better known by their nicknames: Jan, Dani, Bibis, Fede, Marc, Valen, Danel, Goldo, Brody, Emilio and Patrañas... will be companions for the next few months, where they will have to experience the resilience and perseverance that only true sailors possess. This journey is not an easy one as it involves pausing their daily lives and embarking on a path full of uncertainty. However, the Patches team is determined to make this an amazing adventure. In these following months we will share more about them, their visions, stories, their desires and their exploits. They each have a story about what called them to embark on this incredible journey.

We want you to also be part of it and join us in understanding more about this sport that brings us closer to what we always long to return to: water. Be sure to ask us, message us and follow the Patches odyssey with us. CECO will be present on your trip as a sponsor to live this adventure comfortably and happily. We want them to feel the support of all of us who see them with admiration and accompany them from our homes.

Tell us in the comments, what is it that brings you closer to the water?

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