Christian is the underwater photographer who has introduced us unknown species to unfortunate eyes who do not know life in the depths of the ocean. Christian's photography, in addition to being impressive itself, has an objective: to generate environmental awareness through beauty.

The power of an image

As Christian says: "an image can transform the consciousness of thousands of people ".

Although the photographs of animals suffering the consequences of our consumerism are shocking, Christian thinks that by showing beauty, variety, the living creatures that swim under water, his work can be more effective to generate awareness and promote sustainable consumption. “I decided to always show the beautiful side. My way of adding value is through the beauty of animals, so that we don't see them as tons of food; so that we learn to value animals beyond the benefit they can give us. ”

“ We depend on them, not just to eat. Each animal has a function within this ecosystem, if they dissappear, we dissappear. How can we kill something that gives us life? "

Communication with animals

Christian says that what he likes most about his job is when he gets to be in presence of an animal and has some kind of communication with them, when there is mutual recognition: “I have had incredible experiences with all kinds of species”.

Christian talks about how, from our limited human understanding we still cannot understand the behavior of animals and their ways of communication. The song of the whales and the noises of the dolphins, the way in which a humpback whale protects its calf and, if it feels safe and confident, it presents it to the human visitor who,with enough prudence and patience must wait. This is how Christian relates his experience in the French Polynesian waters.

Magic and horror

There is a lot that we ignore about underwater life, part of the work of Christian and of many more dedicated to the protection of aquatic life, is to show us this incredible world and inspire us to fight for it.

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Besides all the beauty that the sea offers, Christian has also been able to observe the progressive deterioration of the oceans, "the problem is not overfishing, the problem is overconsumption."

And it makes an urgent call to become aware, take responsibility for our decisions and consumption habits. True activism begins with every decision we make, not necessarily with banners and shouts in the streets: "This is what we need: quiet people getting informed, making conscious decisions that can help reduce our impact."

With each product we buy from companies that continue to harm the environment we are sponsoring that destruction, “it is not a matter of pointing and demanding others, it is about pointing and demanding ourselves ”.

Power is held by the informed consumer

“ Every time we are about to buy something we have to ask ourselves, where it comes from, who made it, what did it cost the environment and if we really need it. ”


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Author: Ana María Belaunzarán

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