Humans do amazing things for fun. Unlike other living beings, we see danger as a shot of adrenaline and fun. For example, a couple of weeks ago, we went to the rapids of Veracruz, Jalcomulco. Could monkeys or lions throw themselves into a moving river to play? I really don't think so. But we humans decide to create rafts and fill with adrenaline to row because the faster the better.

So we entered the race "Agua de mango" , mainly as sponsors, but also with some friends who were enthusiastic participants about the race which promised cleaning a river, but also enthisiastic about winning first place.

We arrived at PICOCANOA , an adventure hotel. A concept for the most passionate about ecotourism, extreme sports, nature and the traditions of our country. A place as magical as the river that runs along it, and why so? ... Rivers teach us to flow , they have that magical gift. They give us life and still give us fun.

Our team did not win the race, but we were the most prepared team because when we got out of the water our CECO hugged us.

Still, we were able to collect huge amounts of trash from the Antigua River during the race which was the most important thing of all and our main purpose. We enjoyed both the hotel and its people. We enjoyed the water, the food, the river and the experience.

Then, in the award ceremony, the second place won a couple of CECOs for their next adventure on the water.

Hotel: PICOCANOA (Grupo Rodavento)


Event: Agua de Mango: Raftin and Kayak race (Cleaning river Antigua)

Photos: Sebastian Gómez / Agua de Mango

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