Four people and a dog. A light blue Combi year 74 baptized asThe Chora.A six-hour highway turns into twelve with this caravan, and the laughter, the energy, the stories, and the gasoline don't stop flowing. All in order to reach the sea, get on the board, cross the first waves and surf. For many, one of several, for Bosco a more humane Labrador than a dog the first time.z.

Ranchito in the morning, our arrival nervously excited at first sight. And an exquisite exit with the flavor of coffee, Mexican eggs, quesadillas, freshly made solid tortillas and hot cakes. All that in one morning. In the afternoon, La Salada. The paradise maintained, intact, calm. Its colors in the sky never cease to amaze. You can not not be in the water saying goodbye to the sun with its radiant orange that tells us once again until tomorrow.”.

At night La Chora becomes our meeting point, where we share the stories that each wave brings us. A magical moment, in a space without space, in a time without time. Just us, Bosco, La Chora and the present. 

Bath time. That fugitive shower that your body asks you to sleep peacefully. We take the bar of soap and the CECO that we already wear. The shower welcomes us and CECO once again does its job of pampering us when we leave. A new adventure awaits us the next day in this beautiful paradise.




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