The best activities to celebrate Children's Day

CECO actividades día del niño

For this year we have some super ideas to celebrate children's day. We know that children's day should be full of fun and laughter for all little ones.
We want to help your children have the best day, we share some ideas that you can do without leaving your house to have an unforgettable day with your family and friends:


1. Water War

Change the water balloon war for one of water guns... so you can continue filling the little gun and the fun will never end. (Besides, you pollute less by not using latex balloons). have aCECO Kids  ready to dry little adventurers. You can take advantage of saving the water from the shower while it heats up or collect rainwater so as not to waste the tap.

2. Search for a treasure!!

Organize arally with different clues that they have to discover around the house to reach the hidden treasure.

3. Do a play:

¡Put your creativity into practice and bring out the costumes! Organize a work that you can then share with your friends and family on networks.

4. A picnic day:

¡It's the perfect day to spend time outside with your family! It can be in your own garden or in the nearest park.
Have a picnic with some sandwiches, cookies, fruits and cakes, combine it with some board games, cards or balls to play outside and voila. A day to enjoy with the family.


We hope that these ideas will help you to enjoy Children's Day to the fullest in a fun and unforgettable way. You who are planning Tag us on networks (@cecomx) and show us your favorite activities.s.



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