One solution to Fast Fashion is to buy second-hand clothes. It is time to reject and recycle in the field of fashion. Therefore, it is important to give value to what a previous owner has already taken advantage of and to use the clothes as much as possible. Remember, quality before quantity.

Do you have clothes that you no longer wear? With these brands you have the option not only to buy secon hand clothes, but also to sell, donate or even exchange your old ones. So now you know what you can do with clothes that you no longer wear that are still in good condition.

Where do I find these brands in México?

In our consideration, some responsible brands:


Where: Cozumel 63A, Colonia Roma, CDMX.


Instagram: Manosantashop ( )

Segunda Ronda

Where: It has no physical store, everything is through Instagram

Instagram: segunda ronda ( https: / / )

< span class = "vkIF2 public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr"> GoodbyeFolk

Where: Colima 198, Colonia Roma, CDMX.


Instagram: goodbyefolk

Viejo Amor

Where: Atlixco 81, Colonia Condesa, CDMX.


Instagram: viejolovevintage


Where: Miguel Blanco # 1618 Col. Americana, Guadalajara Mexico.


Instagram : lavendervintage https : //

Peculiar Objects

Where: Álvaro Obregón 159, piso 1, Colonia Roma, CDMX.

Web: / shopping-style / peculiar-objects

Vintage Hoe

Where: Jalapa 27, Colonia Roma, CDMX


Instagram: vintagehoestore

< span class = "vkIF2 public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr"> Pink Store

Where: They are "nomads", but you can find them in almost all bazaars.

Instagram : pink_store_mx

Second Chance & Co.

Where: Door to door

Instagram: Secondchancecompany

Ropa Chidx

Where: Online Store


Instagram: ropachidx

Moda morada

Where: Coahuila 129 C, Roma North, CDMX. (Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 7 pm)

Instagram: _purple purple

Verde permuta

Where: London # 37 Colonia Juárez, CDMX. (Inside the Fusion House Floor 2)

Web: < / span>

Instagram: verdepermuta


Where: Querétaro 116, Colonia Roma, CDMX.

Web: https: //www.kichink .com / stores / revolvervintage

Instagram: https: // www.


Where: Querétaro 116 col. North Rome, CDMX.

Instagram: de.nuez

Armario comunal


Instagram: closetcomunal

The Vintage Clan

Where: Coahuila # 207, Col. Roma, CDMX


Vayven Apparel


Instagram: spacevayven / spacevayven /

* If you know more second-hand stores, write to us and we will gladly add it to the list!

As for Conscious and Secondhand Brand Bazaars ...

Goodbye Closet Bazar

Bazar fusión

Glitter bazar

Bazar Morrxs

Segundo Piso

Let's put an end to the “Fast Fashion” consumer model, where we buy unconsciously and without any need. Let us be responsible not only for what we eat or what we discard, but also for the way we dress. Let's have a responsible fashion.

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