Nuestros 7 productos favoritos para Semana Santa
The holidays are almost here and you are still in time to get your CECO to make them even more comfortable and interesting! Use the code VACACIONESCONCECO to receive free express shipping (valid until March 23, 2021).
Here is a guide to our favorite CECOs, recommended for each type of destination:


There is nothing like being able to forget about carrying a thousand things when traveling: clothes, towel, swimsuits, sarongs, etc. We love these CECOs designed for the warm weather because they will reduce packing various of the items and things to carry when going to the beach. Here are some of our favorite CECOs for this type of climate:


1. Punta Conejo Bucket Hat

Amazing for all types of weather, but this bucket hat will be your best friend to protect you from the sun and never stop being cool.

2. Majahua Jumpsuit

The perfect Jumpsuit to be cozy and cool in warmer climates. Forget traveling with saarong + towel + clothes! The Majahua Jumpsuit is all in 1.

3. Ranchito Shorts

Available for short and long. You won't want to take these shorts off during your entire vacation as they are perfect for EVERY moment.

< p style = "text-align: left;"> SNOW OR COLD ❄️

There's nothing like the feeling of being super warm and cozy while it's cold outside. And better yet, nothing like being in a CECO! Don't go on a trip without one of these options:

1. Nexpa Onepiece < / a>

The photo says more than a thousand words !! It is de defiintion of cozyness

 Easter Onepiece


If you are like us, and like to explore new cities, camping in the middle of the forest or vacationing in the mountains ... these CECOs are for you


1. Pascuales Sweatshirt

The most comfortable and convenient to use in different situations! Use it as a sweatshirt, towel, pajamas ... get creative!

2. Chacahua Hoodie

Perfect for all types of weather ... it protects from the cold, but doesn´t get too warm. Avoid packing a towel, sweatshirt and even pajamas! Just pack your hoodie.

3. Ticla Pants

The best to be comfortable in any type of weather .... what can be better than these TOWEL PANTS.

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