Why using the Balandra Donas will change your life and how they will become your best travel accessory.

Porque usar las Balandra Donas cambiarán tu vida y se convertirán en tu mejor accesorio para viajes.

One of the accessories that are setting trends in recent years are the "scrunchies", which come from the fashion of the 80's and have returned with all the power for this 2021. We are inspired by this fashion to bring the new Balandra Donas, some towel-based scrunchies, because we always love you CECO.

These donuts, (inspired by the beach tones of Balandra, Los Cabos), are your best ally for trips, since we know that on the beach hair can get a little rebellious since the water from the sea and the pools can cause it to your hair is damaged during your trip. Our scrunchies will help you:

Avoid hair breakage. Being more of a towel than a tie, it protects your hair and won't hurt it.

Does not leave marks. You can comb your hair, take off the donut and the garter won't remain marked. What a relief! Right?

Many styles. Everything is a matter of creativity, ponytail, bun, half ponytail, you choose.

Easy to wash and get dry. Being a towel donut dries quickly, you can use it all day in the sea and in a short time it will be dry and ready to use.

Donuts are one of the trends that we love and that are here to stay, they are super functional as well as comfortable and have many benefits for our hair, take care of it this summer and on all your vacations with our Balandra Donuts, now available on our page! Do not stay without yours.

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