Roadtrip to the hidden paradise

Roadtrip al paraíso escondido

40 minutes from Peña de Bernal, Querétaro is one of the most incredible hidden paradises we have visited in Mexico. Paradise Canyon. A place that very few people know and that took our breath away from the road there.

If you come from far away, we recommend you spend a night in Peña de Bernal, another of our favorite places in Querétaro

The spectacular views begin when you take a narrow path, on the edge of the Peñamiller mountains, right where the canyon begins.

Once you start the descent, at the end of the road you can park your car and prepare for a very peculiar and unforgettable adventure. We highly recommend you bring:

- Flip flops that can get wet but comfortable for walking

- A cell phone to take incredible photos

Snacks to keep your energy up as you explore the canyon

- A water-repellent bag (if you have one) to prevent valuables from getting wet.

- Cap or sun hat

- Blocker

- Clothes for heat, swimsuit and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

- Towel, or better yet, a CECO!

If you are going to visit the canyon, it is important that you do not go during the rainy season, because the river grows and does not allow entry due to the depth and speed that the water grabs.

With your backpack packed, begin the hike into the canyon. You will first pass over a picturesque and interesting bridge that crosses the river. You will have to find your way, as it will always be different depending on the amount of water there is. Little by little, the imposing entrance to the canyon will appear, with large marble stone walls on the sides and a path through the middle that seems to have no end.

When I say that you have to be prepared to swim, I mean it. It all depends on the water levels that touch you, but if or if you get wet above your feet. At the entrance we had to swim completely to get across to the starting path. It is an adventure that will always be different. The day you go, with the people you go... each time it will be a unique and unpredictable experience. So open your mind, lower your expectations and get ready for something unforgettable.

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