As we know, trash is a big problem that humanity faces. It's everywhere; landfills, islands at sea, inside animals and even in the streets.

It´s a fact that it´s not easy to stop generating garbage because of the lifestyle we lead and the culture we are surrounded by. But we can start bymanaging it properlyand avoid increasing the contamination problems of the planet.

Separating and handling garbage correctly isnot as complicated as it may sound. Here's how you should do it and we give you recommendations on what to do with every type of garbage to keep it from ending up in the wrong places. If the waste that can be reused does not reach landfills or open pit dumps, we wil not contribute to the 12,843 tons of waste that we generate daily in Mexico City.


The SEDEMA (Environment Secretary) published certain efforts focusing on reducing our impact on the environment. One of the things they promise is to improve the infrastructure for the the correct management of garbage. Which is why, garbage trucks will now be collecting trash divided like followinng:


(The truck will pick them during Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, or take them to a recicling stationcentro de acopio o haz una composta en casa.)

All those residues of natural origin that can get "spoiled". Some examples can be: fruits or vegetable peels, food scraps, eggshells, bread, tortillas, coffee filters, tea bags, animal feaces, dairy (without container), bones, seeds, flowers, grass and leafs.

You can separate them or even adopt a solution at home like making compost. We recommend the homemade compost kit of Zamá México or take a course of compostinng with companies like ____.


(The truck will pick them up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; Or take them to a recycling center; or swap it in the Mercado del trueque

This type of waste can be transformed in other products if they are not contaminated with other waste. By separatinng our waste, we prevent it from becoming garbage, losing their value and contaminating our environment.

How to separate them:

- Paper and cardboard (corrugated cardboard, bond paper, notebook sheets, magazines, advertising materiales, directories, tetrapack, books, kraft paper, cards, folders, newspapers) Deliver them without staples, clasps, clips, etc.

- Metals(door knobs, aluminum foil, cans, car parts, etc.) Wash and dry them very well.

- Plastics (here Here´s a list with the classifications of the types of plastic. Wash them and dry them very well.

- Glass (crystalline, amber and green, flat glass such as windows).


(Deliver them to the truck on days Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Put them in the orange trash can or start a EcoLadrillo).

Unfortunately not all waste can be taken advantage of due to their use, so these will end up in landfills or the open pit dumps. This is why we must make a big effort to use this type of waste as little as possible

Some examples of this type of waste are: sanitary waste, condoms, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, chewing gum, swabs, band-aids, diapers, food bags, cellophane, pens, etc...


(the truck will pick them up on Sundays or search for arecycling station close to you).

These are residues that, because of their large size and/or their components, they must have special handling. Within this type of waste come the following:

- Electronic waste (you can take them to reciclatrón or look for a recycling center)

- Furniture or mattresses (some delegations stipulate that the collection trucks accept them but you could also ydeliver them in arecycling center)

- X-rays (look for a recycling center that takes them)

- Batteries (take them to arecycling center or take them to the program Make a big effort)

We make the effort to really do something good for our city, our country and our planet. It's never too late to adopt good habits. Wenow know that it´s not impossible, SEDEMA managed to separate 120 thousand tons of organic waste that became compost!!.

Heres a basic calendar with the key dates that we mentioned above so that you can take it into account when throwing out the garbage. It can be more useful if you place it near your trash can so you can have th reference hen needed.

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