Buying without generating garbage is already an option in our city. Let's help put that grain of sand and return to our natural origins and without plastic, chemicals or preservatives. Here you will find a list of stores that offerzero waste in Mexico.


Botanica granel: Here you can find bulk food. From spices, to flours, snacks, etc. They also sell personal care and house cleaning products, all in bulk to avoid the use of packaging. It has physical stores in CDMX and Online store .

Estado Natural: Offers food products in bulk, without packaging. Here you will find spices, pasta, teas, nuts, chips, etc. It has physical stores in the CDMX and home delivery. You can also order their products through Cornershop. 

Cero plástico: Online store where you will find all the necessary tools to change your lifestyle to a more sustainable one. From carry-in-the-bag kits to stainless steel rakes and food containers.

Somos Tierra: Online store of Mexican personal care products without packaging or waste. 

La Nature: offers a variety of products. From dairy products in returnable packaging, to personal hygiene products such as cloth feminine towels, refill shampoo, etc.

They have a physical store in La Juárez, CDMX . 

Zero Market Mexico: They offer bulk food products, as well as personal care products. Like shampoo, creams, soaps. They also offer alternatives to commercial plastic products like bamboo toothbrushes and cloth feminine pads. They have two physical stores in the CDMX and with presence in bazaars.

Lush: Here you will find everything for personal care without packaging or in recyclable packaging. They offer shampoo, deodorant, cream, conditioner and many other things in all types of presentation that will help you avoid generating garbage. They have several branches in the CDMX and they also have online store . 

Tipiah Ecotianguis: Here you will find all kinds of products, from food to personal care. All in bulk or without packaging harmful to the environment. Physical store in Monterrey and online store .

Alcochofa y romero: They offer products with returnable or biodegradable packaging. As well as products to replace disposable ones like steel straws, wooden cutlery and many other things.

Stores in la Condesa area, Mexico City, CDMX.

Eco Tienda: Online store of reusable and organic products. From utensils to avoid disposables, to care productspersonal.

Plan Bee: Online store with sustainable alternatives for beauty products, personal hygiene, daily use and more.

Denda: Online store offering all kinds of organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. You will find products for the house, personal hygiene, beauty and much more.

Re a granel: A beautiful proposal that the Condesa neighborhood offers us for the purchase of products from personal care and of cleaning biodegradable, handmade, without plastic and in bulk. What we love about this store is the wide variety of its products and the very affordable prices.

Grano de arena: Close to Lomas de Chapultepec, Grano de Arena offers us a beautiful wellness market. A beatiful space that sells bulk products, mainly food. If you follow them on their social networks you will be able to read their inspiringquotes and take advantage of some tips.


If you know other stores, do not hesitate to write a comment with the data. This is abput teamwork!.

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