This post is dedicated specifically to save ocean life: the source of life of humanity and the play ground of several crazy adventurers who discovered the true meaning of living thanks to it.


Plastic is a material created to last a lifetime . It is not the enemy of history, in fact, in many ways he has come to make our lives easier. The real problem is humans and the way in which we have abused this material, without thinking about the well-being of the environment and of humanity itself. The biggest mistake was when we started using plastic for single-use products. The moment when the idea of consuming a material created to last a lifetime became massive. Thus, plastic was covering all industries and markets globally. Until we get to the point where we are today.


Today there are islands in the oceans created solely by all the plastic we dispose of on a daily basis. The plastic island in the Pacific Ocean is THREE TIMES bigger than France! and it contains more than 1.8 billion plastic objects. This huge amount of plastic in the sea is causing many problems in aquatic life and even in our own health. Animals are dying and we are becoming contaminated with toxic substances by eating sea animals that once mistook plastic for food.


It's time to to take action and stop believing that someone else is going to save the world. There are many simple changes that we can do to stop producing so much plastic and prevent it from ending up in the sea . Here is a list of some of them:


1. "No Straw"

The use of straws is massive, especially in Mexico. Get into the habit of ordering your drinks without a straw. And if you can't live without a straw, buy a reusable straw made from bamboo or stainless steel.





2. Carry your thermos everywhere

Mexico is the countries that consume the most bottled water. Get in the habit of leaving your house with a thermos of water to refill whenever it runs out.

If you are a tea or coffee lover, avoid the use of disposable cups when carrying a thermos with you.


3. Take cloth bags to the grocery store.

The grocery bags have a life of use approximately of only 20 minutes. Imagine the amount of plastic that we are putting in the sea without a real purpose! Get into the habit of carrying cloth bags to avoid plastic ones. Leave them in a strategic place to remember before leaving home. AND PLEASE avoid buying fruits and vegetables packed in plastic!!


4. Use a bamboo or compostable toothbrush

There are more and more alternatives to avoid the use of plastic toothbrushes that are just as effective and durable.


5. Use stainless steel rakes and recycle blades. women and mens)

It seems a bit intimidating but these types of rakes work just like commercial plastic ones. You can buy it in Amazon Mexico or in one of the following storesZero waste in Mexico.


6. For women: forget about towels and tampons!!

Try the menstrual cup, an alternative to tampons created with antibacterial silicone that will make you forget that you are in your days. You can also buy washable sanitary pads at Zero Waste stores.Here a list of stores in Mexico.


7. Avoid take out food.

The amount of plastic we generate when ordering food at home or at the office is crazy. Plan your time and bring food in tuppers. Or carry your tuppers and sacrifice 10 minutes of your time to go to the store and ask to have your food packed in your tuppers. And if you do not achieve any of the above, go out to eat.


We invite you to be more aware of the things you consume. Let's stop running through life automatically and start paying more attention to our actions and the repercussions they will have on the environment and society.

There are more and more stores in Mexico that make it easier for us to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We made a listof some of them. If you know of another store or more tips that have worked for you, please leave us a comment below. Let's make a team!!

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