We had the opportunity to chat with Jorge Cervera Hauser in Instagram Live.

Jorge is dedicated to the sea; his greatest passion which, at the same time has become his source of income. The sea is the ally for his businesses; dedicated to sustainable tourism: boats that go to Revillagigedo and Guadalupe (protected natural areas) and an adventure agency in Baja. Always restless and passionate about the wonders of the sea, he recently produced a podcast, Hydrophone , in which he interviews personalities from the underwater world ( ) to continue bringing to the terrestrial world testimonies of those who travel to the depths of the ocean.

After going into deep waters, Jorge always returns with unique gifts: some that only he and the team keep, and others that he shares with all of us: sublime photographs of underwater species that remind us of the incredible parallel world that inhabits there. "The more I went out to sea and I found these incredible species in Mexico that no one had taken photos of, no one had documented, my concern grew ..."

“ The best way to protect the sea is to swim in it ”

Jorge tells how after seeing these animals live, he became an ambassador who spreads enthusiasm for marine life; “once you become conscious of this amazing world, you also become consious of all these things that affect it thousands of kilometers away. Our plastic consumption, what we eat, things we do in our daily lives that ultimately have a negative or positive impact on the sea ”.

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Unique moments

Jorge narrates one of the most special moments, an encounter with his “unicorn of the sea", The orca.

A little before Cabo Pulmo, Jorge and a fellow traveler saw two dorsal fins dancing on the surface. They got closer and could see two killer whales circling a stingray. They whipped their tails at it, walked away, and came back to do the same thing over and over. The stingray was pregnant and, with a flick of its tail its baby came out, falling to the bottom of the sea. After the killer whales killed the stingray they didn´t eat it. Nature in its total rawness and without romantic narratives, witnessing that brutality is approaching wildlife with all its nuances.

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