One of the best ideas you will have: camping on the beach

Una de las mejores ideas que vas a tener: acampar en la playa

What you need to know before camping on the beach

You are lying on the sand, a sky with this many stars seems surreal, the temperature is ideal, the sand still feels a bit warm after a day of so much sun, you feel the sea breeze and listen to the waves... it is perfect?. Life is made of moments like this. Of situations that we would like to recreate a thousand times. And although it seems that everything lined up perfectly well for the moment to be perfect, the reality is that we know that there are certain factors that you have to take care of to make it so.

Although we believe that camping on the beach is one of the best ideas you will have, there are several things that we recommend you take into account so that your experience is really something that you want to relive as many times as possible. Spending a few days in nature, without distractions and just enjoying the moment has so many benefits that it would be difficult for us to tell you about them in writing, because we believe that this is one of the experiences that you have to live “so that they don't tell you about it”.

Everything starts in the perfect place

So that everything turns out as you have in mind, start by choosing the right beach. First, not all beaches are legal to camp, check if you need a permit or cover a fee. Also make sure that it is allowed to make a bonfire on that particular beach, we do not want to generate a negative impact on an environment that gives us so much. And speaking of campfires: if you have plans to make one, we always recommend bringing your own firewood, but in case you don't, make sure you camp near where you can find dry logs, branches or palms to feed it.

Sand and sea, what else could we ask for?

Yes, the setting is perfect and it seems that you would not need anything else... but we do have a list of the items that cannot be missing:

Tent, because you can't camp without a good tent, and for the beach, we recommend looking for an Umbrella or Canopy style tent.

Sand pegs to keep your tent steady on the ground, wind currents at the beach can get strong, and we don't want anything blown away.

LED lamp for the night, dark nights have their charm, but it is worth investing in a lamp that illuminates your store.

A good sleeping bag to guarantee the ideal rest after a day of sun and lots of sea. Sleeping to the sound of the waves can be a completely different experience if you're uncomfortable.

Take a sand-repellent blanket, those that are made of microfiber, for example, are usually ideal to use as a picnic tablecloth and that the sand does not stick to all your food.

Wear clothes that dry quickly, make sure you wear clothes with fabrics that dry quickly and can be reused as many times as you want. (Your CECO is essential)

A good beach umbrella will give you the shady oasis you are looking for when you return from the sea. During the day, the temperature can get very high and the UV rays can be too strong, take an umbrella that blocks the sun's rays and can be stably buried in the sand.

Don't forget a speaker with enough battery (although we always recommend charging with a portable battery for anything).

Bring enough water, the heat can make you dehydrate faster than normal. Pack ready-to-eat snacks and food that you don't have to refrigerate and are easy to prepare outdoors, fruits, nuts, vegetables and canned food are very good solutions.

As for personal care and hygiene items, of course we recommend not forgetting the repellent, a first aid kit, an ecological sunscreen and a towel that dries quickly.

Venture to live a unique experience in the middle of nature, disconnect from urban reality, enjoy incredible landscapes and allow yourself to relax in an ecosystem different from the one in which you usually find yourself. If you go camping and bring your CECO, we will love it if you tag us in the photos you took.

How do I make sure I don't have a negative impact on the environment? If nature gives you so much, give something back: during your camp, choose to pick up rubbish you find on the beach, and of course, leave no trace, take all disposable or polluting products with you. We also recommend you look for alternatives to ecological sunscreens in order not to carry polluting substances that can alter ecosystems.

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